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11th.  Annual Organ & Tissue Donor Awareness Walk
Saturday, May 12th. 2012
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Mission Statement

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Transplant Support Group (NEPATSG) is an independent non-profit group committed to improving the quality of life for transplant candidates, recipients, their families and donor families. Through our network we serve our members in the area of: support, education and awareness.The purpose of this non-profit group is to help to alleviate the psychosocial and other stresses incumbent with the transplant process. Such support is to be provided without regard for race, creed, color, gender or national origin.It you would like to have NEPATSG speak at your function, contact our speaker's bureau at 570-223-2833.

NEPATSG Transplant Express Program Our new program offers members of NEPATSG who need a emergency ride for when they (transplant candidates) are called for their transplant surgery, dialysis center or doctors appointments, when there are no other means available.This program is made possible by our membership, who volunteer their vehicle, gas and time. These silent heroes have made a difference in many lives.Note: Beyond 100 miles we contact Angel Flight.

NEPATSG is a member of the

  • Monroe County Interagency Council,
  • Northeastern PA Coalition on Donation,
  • Pocono Medical Center's Organ Donor Council
  • Pocono Mountain Chamber of Commerce

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Without night, there can be no day,
There is no reaping without sowing,
Without coldness, there can be no Warmth,
And to laugh, one needs to cry.

There can be no future without a past,
There is no after without a beginning,
Without fire, there can be no smoke,
And for there to be bran, first there must be flour.

One must lose before one can win,
To reach the heights, one must also reach the depths:
And without weakness, there isn't strength except in God.

There is no totally imperfect work,
Nor is there one of complete perfection,
There is no beauty without pain,
And without light, there is no shadow.

In Memory of Richard Lordon

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